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9 useful plumbing tips for Singaporean

Do you want to save the cost of hiring a plumber in Singapore? Here is some helpful tips for maintaining a good plumbing system.  Hire a reliable plumber in Singapore.

1) Never pour oil or grease down the drain

Oil and grease can clogs pipes and can block your sewer line. Do not directly pour the oil or grease down the drain, a more proper way is keep the waste oil or grease into the container and throw away.

2) Never throw or flush feminine hygiene products down the toilet

This should be obvious big no no to people; however, the same issues continues to happen. Tampons and pads will absorb liquid and expand and therefor it will clog pipes. Instead throw the hygiene product into the toilet why not Just wrap it up with a piece of paper or plastic bag and dispose in the trash?

3) Avoid flushable wipes

flushable wipes is one of the common stuff that causing the clog pipe. Older homes and sewer systems are too fragile to handle flushable wipes. Simply throw them in the garbage. 

4)Avoid tablet toilet bowl cleaners 

Tablet toilet bowl cleaning is being used commonly. However, people do not know that these drop-in cleaners have strong chemicals that can corrode pipes causing cracks and leaks. Traditional toilet cleaning products might just what you need at the end.

5) Prevent hair and food from going down the drain

Hair is one of the major cause of drain clogs, hair will not dissolve easily even you are using chemical. A drain screen can greatly reduce blockages. Use screens in sinks, bathtubs, and shower drains to catch hair or food. Remember to empty the screens often so the screen itself doesn’t clog.

6) Know where to shut off your main water supply line

This is a simple must know knowledge for every house owner and tenant. If there is a major leaking in your plumbing. Disconnects main water supply line to your house will prevent further damage and allow a plumber to assess the leak.

7) Know where to shut off different part of water supply line

If your water heater tank springs a leak, you must know how to shut off the water supply and turn off the heater. If it’s the water tank who causing the leakage, then you just need to shut of the water to your water tank. If it's just a leakage in kitchen or toilet, then you just need to shut off the water supply to those area and call for professional plumber in Singapore for detail inspection.

8) Schedule annual sewer line inspections

Debris, tree roots, and shifting ground can create cracks, leaks, and back-ups in your system. This inspection is a small investment that can prevent costly damage and repairs in the future. Sewer lines need regular cleaning and maintenance just like cars!

9) Study your water bill 

Know how much your monthly water bill cost is. Any unexplained increases in water bill cost could mean a leak has gone unnoticed. Leaks can create dangerous damage, so don’t wait until the issues getting bigger and more plumbing job need to carry out to fix the disaster.

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