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bathroom basin

bathroom basin

Like most Singaporeans, you probably take your bathroom for granted. You use it every day without thinking about how important it is to your daily life. But what if your bathroom basin were to suffer an accident? How would you keep your bathroom functional? This page will discuss bathroom basin installation and repair in Singapore and show you how to keep your bathroom functioning properly!

Basin Installation

Many restaurants, kitchens, and restrooms require a basin as fundamental equipment. Their primary goal is to assist individuals in improving their hygiene by ensuring that they have clean water and draining the wastewater after they have washed their faces and hands. We provide many essential services, including bathroom sink basins, pedestal basins, wall hung basin basins, standing basin basins, and undermount basin basins with vanity top basins. Contact us for a free quote, or you may install it yourself by following the instructions below:

bathroom basin
Bathroom BASIN

Installation Process

The dishwasher's operation is based on the manufacturer's provided instruction leaflet, which must be read entirely beforehand. The first step is to ensure that no water flows through the central plumbing system.

Drill and Measure the Anchor Points

Find a suitable area to install the basin. You will frequently have to conform to the room's specifications. Before marking the spots where the screws will be inserted, ensure the bowl is correctly positioned on the wall. Drill two-inch holes with a 1/8 bit and the marks you've made on your walls.

Bathroom BASIN
Bathroom BASIN

Attaching Your Basin

Set the basin against the wall according to our instructions. Verify that it is correctly aligned with the holes you've just made. Secure your basin using screws if necessary. Depending on the original design, you may need to use further supports.

Fixing the Tap

Lubricate and loosen the nut to the attachment point. Use putty on each attachment point before tightening all nuts connected to the faucet.

installing bathroom faucet
Install the Water Inlet Connection

Install the Water Inlet Connection

Use a metal connection to connect the faucet outlet to the lower section if you're going 24 hours. Make sure that the inlet dimensions of your faucet are in sync with those of your metal coupling. You'll need a flexible hose pipe to join the coupling to the central plumbing system to finish.

Drainage Connection

Putty should be applied to the basin's outlet on the lower side. Connect the tailpiece to the bowl by inserting the tailpiece into place and ensuring it is securely fastened. To attach a p-trap to the lower end of your tailpiece, use plumbing tape. A wrench will help connect your coupling after that.

Drainage Connection
Bathroom Basin Repair

Bathroom Basin Repair

If your bathroom basin is leaking, you will need to repair it as soon as possible. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Put off the water supply to the bathroom basin. There should be a shut-off valve near the bathroom sink.
  • Disconnect the water supply hoses from the bathroom basin.

If your bathroom basin is cracked, you will need to replace it. Here are the steps to follow:

  • Find a replacement bathroom basin that is the same size and shape as your current one.
  • Switch off the water supply to the bathroom sink.
  • Disconnect the water supply hoses from the bathroom basin.
  • Remove the bathroom basin from the countertop.
  • Install the new bathroom basin in the exact location as the old one.
  • Reconnect the water supply hoses to the new bathroom basin.
  • Turn on the water supply to the bathroom sink. Test for leaks by turning on the faucets and flushing the toilet.
 Contact a professional plumber if you need help with bathroom basin installation and repair in Singapore. They will be able to help you choose the suitable bathroom basin for your home and install it properly. Bathroom basin installation and repair in Singapore is not a do-it-yourself project. You need to have the proper tools and experience to do it correctly.
bathroom basin crack

Here Is What You Need to Know and Do:

bathroom basin cabinet

Recognize the Many Types of Basins

Identifying the many basin shapes, colors, and styles available on the market is a must. Choose a basin that will entice your attention. When it comes to acquiring things, everyone has unique interests. Before making your selection, make sure you have a clear decision-making framework. There are various types of basins:

  • Wall hung basin
  • Semi pedestal basin
  • Countertop basin

When choosing a pedestal basin, you must first know the different kinds of basins available. After you've learned about the various types of basins, it's time to learn about the tools needed to install them. Get yourself a basin, an adjustable wrench, and a pipe wrench to adjust it. Second, get screwdrivers, pipe cutters, and a tape measure.

Know the Safety Measures

When it comes to plumbing services, safety precautions are critical. Keep in mind the protective methods available to you that can help you avoid significant injuries. The following are some of the most necessary precautions to follow:

  • A drainage system is required when installing a basin. You may not want to pollute the main water supply. Therefore, you'll need to replace the supply pipes and ensure they're away from the drainage lines. Make sure that the waste-containing pipes have an irregular form.
  • Before purchasing a basin, make sure you've looked at the safety instructions. Follow them before putting your equipment in place. If the regulations are too complicated for you to comprehend, seek advice from a plumber.
  • Make sure your bathtub is at least a few feet from the wall.
  • Make sure you're using each tool for the intended purpose. You won't hurt yourself if you do this.

Following are some of the essential safety measures to remember. To guarantee that your well-being is secure, you must learn all of them. After you've fully understood what you're supposed to do, it's time to figure out how to install the sink.

Bathroom BASIN
Bathroom BASIN

Start Fixing Your Basin by Removing the Old.

If you're installing a new basin and there is an existing one, you must remove it. Check for any remaining remnants of prior items. It's vital to repair every fresh item since you have the equipment. Remove all screws from your old sink, if applicable. Prepare to replace the new one once you've finished.

Set Up Your New Sink

Before buying a basin:

  1. Make sure that all waste outlets are clear and free of obstructions. If the waste passage has adequate flow, mark the locations where you'll install the basins against the wall with a pencil.
  2. Before fastening them in place, pre-arrange the basin screws.
  3. On the walls, make holes using a screwdriver.

After marking out where to position your basin, go on to the next step.

Bathroom BASIN
Bathroom BASIN

Fixing Your Basin

When you've decided where to place your basin, it's time to double-check that the basin screws are in the correct holes. Aside from the sink itself, make sure that the water supply and waste supply pipes are in their proper locations. To guarantee that the basin base isn't slanting, use a measuring tape. Make sure it is correctly positioned.

Steps to how we work


Analize need and pricing.

Because each work environment and the severity of the plumbing problem are actually different,

Most of the water work requires on-site assessment to provide an accurate repair plan and cost...


Materials and realization.

Once the assessment is complete and the homeowner agrees with our plumber's proposal and offer,

Immediately we will start preparing the necessary plumbing materials and tools, hen start work and get the job done.


Cleaning and finish

Whether it's repairing a leaks water pipe or unblocking a blockage, when the work is completed, it is inevitable that the floor will be dirty due to the overflow of sewage,

Don't worry, our well-trained plumber will take care of cleaning up the grime for you, after that, that’s be considered job done.


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