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When your toilet starts to leak, it can be a significant annoyance. It is inconvenient, but it can also be quite costly if water continues to damage your flooring or furniture. We will guide you on fixing a leaky toilet bowl in Singapore. We will provide step-by-step instructions and some tips and tricks that will make the process easier for you. So don't wait any longer - read on to learn how to repair your toilet bowl today!

How to Fix a Leaky Toilet?

To begin, turn off the water to your toilet. Typically, this may be accomplished by rotating the knob behind the toilet. Then the water has been turned off, flush the toilet to empty the bowl. Then remove and set aside the tank lid. Keep careful not dropping the lid because it is easily breakable. Now that the tank is empty, you can start working on repairing any leaks. If your leak is coming from a flush valve, replace its washer. To do so:

  • Remove the washer by unscrewing the nut that is holding it in place.
  • Note which way the washer faces so that you can install the new one correctly.
  • Once the new washer is in place, screw on the nut and tighten it until snug.

If your leak is coming from a different part of the toilet, such as the fill valve or supply line, you may need to replace other parts. However, these repairs are usually relatively easy and can be completed without the help of a professional.

Once you have repaired the leak, it is time to turn the water back on and test your work. Switch on the water supply and flush the toilet to do this. If everything is working correctly, there should be no more leaks!

Hopefully, this article has aided you in coping with a leaking toilet bowl in Singapore. It's usually better to call a professional if you're unsure about a fix. Still, even the most inexperienced do-it-yourselfer can perform many repairs with just a little know-how and effort.

Common Toilet Bowl Issues

Large-Volume Flush

When the water level in the water tank is too high, the toilet will flush double its load to release the excess water. You could try lowering the amount of water supplied from the supply valve, often on the side or rear of the toilet bowl. Even if you change the valve and it still occurs, you might want to get a plumber to inspect your toilet bowl parts.

Partial Flush

If the flush is too weak to be a whole one, it may be due to the flapper valve dropping too quickly due to waterlogging. Keep an eye on the flapper while you're flushing. A new toilet flush system flapper is required if it drops too rapidly.

Toilet Bowl Choke

A clogged toilet bowl is evident when water builds up in your toilet and drains slowly. These are other methods for unclogging a blocked toilet, but if it looks too demanding on your end, you should contact a plumber.

Slow Tank Fill

If a shut-off valve is present beneath the tank, it might be partially shut. It's due to restricted water flow into the tank, which may have been caused by the previous owner or a plumber who had previously worked on the system.

Toilet Bowl Leak

The wax/rubber ring between the toilet base and the drainage pipe may have worn down, or it could be that the water supply is to blame. Check whether the leaking comes from the pan collar at the bottom of the toilet bowl or the toilet tank supply line. A leaking toilet is not a good omen, and you should contact a professional plumber about this.

When Do You Need to Replace Your Toilet Bowl?

Have you ever had a toilet bowl issue and considered replacing or repairing your toilet bowl? Depending on the severity of the toilet bowl problem, cases might vary. If your toilet bowl seems to require constant repairs or shows signs of wear and tear, it's best to get it replaced by a plumber right away. Here are some indicators that your toilet bowl needs to be changed:

Constant Clogging

Soon after toilet bowl chokes become a weekly occurrence, it is usually quicker to have your toilet replaced than to continual toilet bowl choke repairs.

Toilet Bowl Cracks

Check if the porcelain has developed fractures when you notice water puddles around the toilet. Even though your toilet may be functional, you may waste a lot of water with a leaking toilet bowl. On top of a high water bill, another thing that most people are unaware of is that their flooring becomes damaged as a result of leaks. This can cause mildew or mold to grow on your flooring.

Frequent Need for Repairs

If your toilet bowl is acting up frequently, you should get a professional to look at it. The expert will then decide on required repairs and, if necessary, replacement. It's unusual for toilets to require continuous repair work; the chances are that it's too broken to fix.

Improper Flushing

Are your water bills becoming higher? Your toilet flush system may be wrong. Every flush uses 3 - 5 gallons of water in an average toilet, whereas a low-flush toilet consumes just 2 gallons each time. Perhaps it's time to switch to a low-flush toilet bowl to save water and be environmentally responsible.

Do You Need Professional Plumbing Work Done?

My24HrsPlumbing is a professional company that offers fast and immediate plumbers to repair and repair your toilet bowl problems. We provide problem diagnosis, removal of the entire toilet bowl, and repair and replacement of components of your toilet bowl in our services. We know the issues that homeowners face when their toilet bowl gives them difficulties, so we constantly have a team of fully qualified plumbers on call to serve you.

How We Work

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Analyze Need and Pricing.

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Most of the water work requires on-site assessment to provide an accurate repair plan and cost.

Materials and Realization.

Once the assessment is complete and the homeowner agrees with our plumber's proposal and offer,

Immediately we will start preparing the necessary plumbing materials and tools, hen start work and get the job done.

Cleaning and Finish.

Whether it's repairing a leaks water pipe or unblocking a blockage, when the work is completed, it is inevitable that the floor will be dirty due to the overflow of sewage,

Don't worry, our well-trained plumber will take care of cleaning up the grime for you after a job well done.

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