Does The Toilet Stink?

When it comes to plumbing, toilet bowl chokes are not uncommon. Have you ever wondered how many toilet bowl choke cases there are in Singapore every day? Hundreds or even thousands of them have occurred. How would you feel if your house's emergency toilet bowl choked? Other than being perplexed as to why the blockage occurred in the first place, you will realize that eliminating the blockage would be a difficult task. A stopped-up toilet may make life challenging for its residents, particularly if they only have one at home.

A toilet bowl choke can be a severe problem for various reasons. According to our plumber's experience, most of these chokes are caused by foreign objects, but we will get more specifics later in the essay. Several items can cause chokes, including sanitary pads and even family pets.

Because of this, you must maintain your toilet and perform routine cleaning and maintenance to keep out anything foreign. According to general rules, any objects that don't belong in the toilet bowl should not be there. Don't worry or panic if you experience a toilet bowl choke. A qualified plumber can assist with fixing the problem.

Causes of Smelly Toilet Bowl Choke

Have you ever questioned what causes the majority of toilet bowl clogs? When it comes to plumbing, things go wrong all the time. Some of these items might be perplexing as to how they got into the system in the first place, while others make sense. Finally, here are some of the causes of Singapore home toilets clogging:

Toilet Paper

When consumers at home clean with toilet paper after using the toilet, it's common for them to clog the toilet bowl drain. When utilized in massive amounts and not adequately flushed or disposed of, it will block the drainage and induce a toilet bowl choke.

Foreign items

Your toilet is built to handle waste and toilet paper. If you throw away items like diapers, baby wipes, paper towels, tampons, sanitary pads, or other foreign substances using your toilet, they might clog it.

Waste Accumulation

Waste Accumulation

Solid waste can cause a blockage, mainly if it is dry and in large quantities, which will impede the regular flow of the following waste. When the drainage pipe is blocked, your toilet will become clogged.

toilet bowl choke Trees or Plants

Trees or Plants

If the pipes are installed underground, trees and plants may block them. It's conceivable that trees or plants will enter the pipes due to their natural urge to locate water sources. Tree or plant obstruction in Singapore is more typical for landowner property owners.

weak flush

Weak flush

When there is a blockage in the toilet, you might have a choked toilet. A weak flush can cause a choke due to its inability to rid the solid waste from the toilet. When you have a weak flusher, it's always recommended that you replace your toilet bowl tank with one that has a stronger flush, so you won't have to worry about getting blocked toilets.

Tips to Prevent Smelly Toilet Bowl Choke

Several toilet etiquette guidelines can assist you in avoiding toilet bowl choke, and they would be beneficial to follow.

Practice Proper Flushing

We mean that "proper flushing" is only to empty the toilet when the amount in the bowl does not appear to be overflowing. When cleaning up after using the toilet, don't use too much toilet paper (just enough to fill the toilet bowl halfway) since doing so can ball up with your waste and dissolve the outer layer, resulting in a buildup down the drainage pipe. Use only what you need, but consider flushing the toilet twice during cleanliness if you have extra.

Determine What Is and Isn't Flushable

As a homeowner, you must understand what may be flushed down the toilet and what would most certainly cause a clogged toilet if sent down the drain. Non-flushable includes facial wipes, napkins, paper towels, hair, etc. These substances do not dissolve in water, which eventually clogs the drainage system, causing choking. It might be challenging to determine what is non-flushable; nevertheless, remember that only waste materials (whether solid or liquid) and toilet paper can be flushed down toilets. Follow this basic rule, and your toilet will remain clean.

Address Weak Flush Early

Because of the low water pressure, it may be difficult to flush your toilet. When the water level in the tank reaches a certain point, it automatically shuts off until you refill it. This prevents waste from overflowing and clogging up your drainage system. However, if you don't refill the tank soon enough after use, this might result in waste overflow that can lead to choking or other issues. A weak flush may clog the drain pipes, causing a blockage that must be addressed by a qualified plumber promptly.

Keep Your Toilet Tank Clear

Keeping your toilet tank clear of things is critical in preventing a toilet bowl clog. You will never know when the objects on the toilet tank may or may not fall into the toilet bowl, but there's a good chance of blockage if it does.

Educate Your Children

If you have a youngster at home, it's vital to educate them about the dos and don'ts while using the toilet. It is also critical to teach children what can be disposed of in the toilet as they get older because this will prevent potential toilet bowl clogs and help them learn life skills that they may use for the rest of their lives.

If you encounter a toilet bowl choke, you may want to try to fix it yourself. The choke is frequently in the early stages. Even an inexperienced person can unclog a toilet bowl choke using YouTube instructions.

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