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Owning a home can certainly involve dealing with plumbing issues. Before you experience problems, you are unaware of how much you depend on your plumbing. Some might be brought on by how particular systems are utilised and maintained, while some issues are related to outdated components or typical wear – and – tear on plumbing equipment.

Knowing the typical plumbing issues enables you to decide when to contact a nearest plumber to fix your plumbing problems.


1. Leaky Pipes and Faucets

Residences and homes often have plumbing issues with leaking taps and pipes. More of an annoyance and a financial waste than a plumbing issue are leaking faucets. It is easy to spot, when water physically drops out of leaking faucets when they are turned off.

A leaky faucet often results from damage to the washer that creates the seal on the tap. Destruction includes things like tearing, displacement, and stiffening. Whatever the cause, this frequent plumbing issue needs to be resolved right away!


2. Poor Water Pressure

Practically any plumbing system in your house might be difficult to operate if there is low water pressure. Depending on the source, low water pressure can occur spontaneously or develop gradually over time. Whatever the cause, having low water pressure makes it challenging to wash dishes and take showers.

Major plumbing issues including pipe corrosion, covert water leaks in drain or sewer obstructions, and damaged sewage lines can all be indicated by low water pressure. If the water pressure suddenly drops or you are unable to identify the source of the issue, contact a professional plumber.


3. Problems with The Water Heater

Every home need hot water. Leaking water, puddles of water, discoloured water, and noises originating from the water heater device are further symptoms of a problem when water heaters are unable to supply adequate or any hot water.

Challenges with water heaters, such as a lack of hot water, can occasionally be the result of leaking. Mineral deposits can also cause issues for water heaters. The water heater’s efficiency may be lowered by the deposits. It’s advisable to let a professional do the work because water heaters can be unsafe and need further maintenance.


4. Drains That Are Slow or Clogged

If drainage issues aren’t fixed right away, they could even result in plumbing catastrophe and potential risks! When you drain a basin or take a bath and see water backing up, you have clogged drains. Your toilet or drains will normally return to normal after the obstruction has been removed with a few simple do-it-yourself effort or a plumber’s visit.

A single slow or clogged drain indicates that a problem is typically isolated to that particular region of the house. The most frequent source of these blockages in drains is the accumulation of hairs, detergent, and other foreign things over time.


5. A Runny Toilet

Even though the toilet is still working, it continues to run, wasting water and producing a lot of noise. When the inner workings of the toilet stop functioning properly, refill tube issues, worn out flapper seal or flush valves, wrongly sized flapper chains, and rusted toilet handles are common causes of a frequently running toilet.
If you replace the tank’s toilet parts but the running continues, you might contact a plumber to help you.


The main plumbing issues listed in this blog post are those you might be experiencing right now. With the assistance of our licenced plumbers in Singapore, who respond quickly and within 24 hours to assist you with your plumbing issues, you can feel safe and secure.

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