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Most Singaporean homes typically find a storage water heater or an instant water heater and live in houses with storage or instant water heater. Suppose you're thinking about installing a water heater. In that case, you might have questions like whether to get a storage unit or an instant water heater and which Singapore's best-selling water heater brands are. You should also consider the characteristics of the various sorts of water heaters.

Types of Water Heater

There are two sorts of water heaters in Singapore: Storage heater tanks and Instant water heaters.

Storage water heaters

A unique feature of storage water heaters is that they have a tank to store water for heating and then to be dispensed when required.

Instant water heaters

Instant water heaters heat water rapidly and do not retain it, unlike storage water heaters. Water heaters are typically divided into several categories depending on the energy source.

Types of Storage Water Heaters

Electric Storage Water Heaters

These are the most popular in most Singapore apartment buildings since they are fueled by electricity. In most Landed houses or Condos, these water heaters have a tank from which water is drawn and heated to a specified temperature. They are low-cost and straightforward to maintain, but they can leak and use a lot of energy.

Gas Storage Heater

The water is heated using a gas storage heater, burning gas to produce heat. Gas storage heaters are less prevalent in Singapore and are utilized mainly by landed homeowners due to their lower prevalence. It needs a continuous supply of gas to operate.

Digital Storage Heater

These high-end water heaters, powered by electricity and a luxury item that can heat your water to the desired temperature with its thermostat panel, are just a few things you may find in this category. Although they aren't as popular as other water heaters, they are frequently found in specialized sectors and landed properties.

Solar Storage Heater

The water from the tank is heated with solar panels generally installed on a house's roof, which convert sunlight into heat energy and turns it into heat energy to heat the water in the tank. It's also one of the more uncommon water heater types in Singapore homes.

Heat Pump Storage Heater

The heat is generated in another device and transferred to the storage heater tank powered by electricity.

Types of Instant Water Heater

Instant Or Electric Tankless Water Heaters

Water heaters with storage tanks are not as energy-efficient as heat water on-demand systems. Storage water heaters use a lot of energy and are more expensive to run than these heat water when needed, making them less energy-efficient. There are two styles of such heater: single point and multi-point.

The main distinction is whether the flow through its ports is single or multiple points. They are minimal enough to fit in tight spaces, ensuring that there's always hot water available without wasting power. This contributes to their popularity among HDB flat dwellers.

The majority of portable heaters include a showerhead as standard. It might also feature a different function that controls the output flow for your shower experience. Depending on the type, you may alter the showerhead to fit your taste.

Digital Instant Heater

This gadget heats the water accurately but almost instantly, like digital water heaters. These are typically expensive household goods that may be found in a Condominium.

Gas Instant Heater

Gas heats the water. This gas instant heater is widespread in the sector. However, it may also be used at home.

Before buying a new water heater, think about the following factors. If you consider installing a new water heater in your house, keep the following guidelines.

Types of Water Heater

Many types of water heaters exist, each with its features. However, you must choose between storage and an instant water heater. Your heater's type of energy source will be determined by your preferences and various elements such as convenience and usage. Consider which kind of water heater would be best for you and your family.


Although the desire to be wallet-wise may be a dormant characteristic for most people, it is not uncommon. As a result, you would want to search for the best value water heater to fit your budget, which is no surprise. Storage heaters are significantly less expensive to install than instantaneous water heaters. Family usage, on the other hand, would make storage heaters ideal.

Installation Location

Depending on your situation, you may choose instant water heaters instead of storage. I.e., if you live in an HDB unit, an immediate heater is most likely the best option since a tiny and portable instant water heater consumes less room than a big and bulky storage tank.

Energy Consumption

Another important consideration when determining the appropriate size for your water heater is energy consumption. If you're utility-bill conscious and have a set aside for it, consider using water heaters that are more energy-efficient, which means they require less power to generate the same amount of hot water.

Life Cycles & Maintenance

On average, instant heaters live for 10 to 15 years, whereas storage heater tanks endure for 8 to 13 years. Every three to five years, our expert plumbers recommend that you have the instantaneous heaters checked and maintained, and every five years for storage heater tanks.


Different water heaters have varying warranties. The manufacturer will generally give a one-year warranty on parts for instant heaters, although it varies by brand. The company offers a 3 to 10-year warranty on parts for manufactured storage heaters, which differs by brand.

Common Water Heater Problems

Like every other technology and commodity, water heaters will have issues over time, needing to be repaired or replaced. When it comes to water heater rehabilitation in Singapore, homeowners are met with several typical challenges first-hand. We'll group storage heater difficulties and immediate heating concerns since they're both problems with water heaters. These difficulties are often mistaken for misconceptions or myths, especially with instant heaters.

Storage Heater Problems

Loss of Energy

Stored hot water will lose about 40% to 60% of its heat energy after a few hours if not used. This may happen when the owner does not use the heater after being warmed but instead uses it later.

High Operation Cost

To heat the whole tank before usage, a storage heater needs to use a significant quantity of energy. It may be significantly higher to keep water heated overnight for morning usage.

Difficulties in Temperature Control

Storage heaters cannot always provide the ideal temperature your home requires if they're not installed appropriately.

Abrupt Temperature Fluctuation

This problem is more common in storage heater tanks that are automated. The heat sensor may wear down over time, causing the temperature to fluctuate and the water not to be sufficiently heated.

Instant Heater Problems

Initial Cold Outflow

The water heater's initial outflow is not heated since the water must undergo a lengthy route to be heated, whereas the storage heater, as previously stated, delivers consistent hot water because of pre-heating.

Abnormally Heated Water

If the temperature is set high and only a tiny amount of water can flow through the output valve, heated water may be discharged.


If the water heater has been operating for a long time, you may hear the noise. The continual heating of the water will result in wear and tear, which might indicate that a new water heater is needed.


As previously stated, as time passes, the instantaneous heater becomes more vulnerable to leakages due to pressure, corrosion, or even overheating. These are just a few reasons behind leaks; many others are frequently addressed differently.

Discolored Discharge

Water discoloration may result when the heating rod within a water heater corrodes. It's vital to remember that although the water heater will likely have problems, later on, we can still take steps to ensure that the issues don't endanger your family's safety. If you have children, set the temperature low enough not to cause any injuries. Always teach your kids how to use water heaters properly.

Anode Rod

The anode rods are aluminum or magnesium, encasing a steel wire. It serves as a protective barrier against rusting in the water heater tank. Regularly, the anode rods should be examined for signs of rusting or the steel wire being exposed. Frequent operation of the water heater will accelerate this deterioration; therefore, it is suggested that your water heater be inspected every year or every half year.

Dip Tubes

A dip tube is flexible piping that directs chilly water into the water heater to heat it. Some may not have them because other types of pipes may direct them. It's also vulnerable to corrosion along the route, so getting your plumber to inspect it every six months is reasonable.


It is advised to have the water heater flushed once a year to remove any sedimentation from the tank. Flushing with disinfectant prevents bacteria from growing and developing in the tank.


Draining is more concerned with storage heater tanks. When the storage heater tank has been unused for a lengthy period, it should be emptied. This prevents harmful germs from developing in the tank and causing corrosion and health risks.

Water Inlet Piping

On the other hand, the water heater is not entirely copper. It's crucial to remember that these pipes are not entirely part of the water heater; nevertheless, they should be examined for wear and tear and leakage to ensure that the water heater operates smoothly.

Temperature & Pressure (TP) Valve

A storage water heater has a Temperature and Pressure valve. This is a legal requirement that must be followed in the storage tank. Its primary goal is to protect the water heater from excessive pressure and temperature by allowing it to release extra while exceeding its limits. If there are continuous leaks from the TP valve, it may not be accurate and should be replaced.


A well-insulated water heater or piping can ensure that the heat transfer is successful via the water and that the heat does not escape. This will result in a longer lifespan for your water heater.

A water heater inspection and necessary maintenance are advised to increase the water heater's longevity. The suggested time frame is every five years or sooner, not every five months.

Proper Water Heater Maintenance

To avoid the problems outlined above, keep an eye out for essential spots while installing your water heater. However, proper maintenance should not be neglected since it may extend a water heater's life and deter any present or future concerns.

Our Water Heater Services

There are numerous water heaters available on the market, so our specialist plumbers are well-versed in their functions. These are the some of services we provide:

Water Heater Installation

Installing a new water heater may be difficult, especially installing a big tank. My24HrsPlumbing has plumbers on call to install and fill your water heater. Whether it's a storage heater or an immediate hot water supply, our experts win. We'll assist you in selecting the most fantastic water heater for your needs, whether for your home or apartment.


My24HrsPlumbing can supply and install a new water heater if you have an old one that must be replaced. If you own an outdated water heater that needs to be replaced, We can supply and install a new one.


Water heaters are intricate equipment, and when they break down, it may be challenging to figure out what to do. You can rest confident that My24HrsPlumbing's experts are adequately trained to assess and diagnose water heater problems for you. Our plumbers will inform you about any repairs if required. Our knowledgeable team can fix any water heater in Singapore, regardless of brand or model.

Comparison of Storage Tank Heater and Instant Water Heater

  1. 1
    Compare the cost of energy used to the heating system. An instant heating system, for example, is less expensive than a storage tank system, but it consumes more energy.
  2. 2
    Another significant aspect to consider when choosing an HVAC system is water use (the amount of hot water required). You may determine how much hot water you require daily by doing simple calculations.
  3. 3
    Determine how much hot water you require daily. If you have a family of four people and each needs 30 minutes in the shower, your daily shower time will be 2 hours long.
  4. 4
    Compare the electricity usage of each system. The energy consumption of an instant heating system is usually about 3kWh per hour. As a result, it will use 6kWh. In comparison, water stored in a storage tank heater needs only 2 kWh per hour. Because water has already been stored, it will take less energy to heat up. Instant water is superior for 1-2 people because it uses approximately 1 kWh every day.
  5. 5
    On the other hand, the instant heater uses a combination of methods.
  6. 6
    The tank receives the water, which is then used to store water before it is turned on to heat up.
  7. 7
    The water is only heated when the heater is switched on.

Which Is Better?

Said, an instant water heater is ideal for a single-use bath. On the other hand, a storage water tank is preferable if you require hot water in the kitchen and bathrooms throughout the day. The instant heating system is designed to deliver hot water in a shorter time than a storage tank. Storage tanks are superior in terms of pressure compared to instant heaters. Storage tanks last for 5-7 years vs. 3-5 years for instant heating systems for durability and life span.

How A Pro Can Help You?

Hiring a professional plumber is far more profitable than living in terror of these two water heater-related hazards. This contractor will examine your water heater, maintain its operation, or repair any issues. They also know how to replace broken components with new ones, which means you can enjoy the benefits of a water heater for a long time.

My24HrsPlumbing is a top provider of house plumbing services. Contact us right away if you want our plumber in Singapore to advise, install, or maintain your water tank in Singapore.

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