Exposed Pipe Leak

How to Detect and Fix It

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If you have an exposed pipe and see water puddling near it, you leak. Exposed pipes are often found in basements, so if you see water near your basement's foundation, the leak is likely coming from your copper pipe. This page will show you how to detect and fix a pipe leak.

What is an Exposed Pipe?

The name "Exposed" refers to a pipe. An exposed pipe is visible from the outside. Such a state has several advantages, such as its long-lasting quality, resistance to high and low temperatures, etc. Because of their numerous benefits, exposed pipes are highly popular. They are very inexpensive and easy to maintain and install, which is why everyone wants to utilize them. Every plumbing team prefers them because they are simple to maintain and install.

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Causes of Exposed Pipe Leak

There are several contributing factors to your exposed pipe leaking. Corrosion can cause pipes to leak, as they may get corrupted. As a result, it's critical to check the pipes regularly. Other causes of leaks in copper pipes include erosion of the inner lining of the copper pipe. Small holes develop in the inner lining of the pipe, causing a leak. Some pipes are known to be heat resistant and capable of withstanding significant temperature changes. However, like many other things throughout history, they succumb over time.

How Do You Tell If a Exposed Pipe Is Leaking?

The most typical indicator that your pipes are leaking is a bluish-greenish stain on the outside of the pipe. A pinhole leak in your copper pipe is an obvious sign.

The green tint of your home's pipes is known as "patina." There are many causes for this. Some may be due to oxygen reacting with the material over time, causing corrosion and giving it a green appearance.

Exposed pipes are frequently used in Singapore homes. there are still being put in because they are very robust, heat well, and have a long lifespan. However, like with other kinds of pipes, they can develop leaks. That is usually due to pinholes on copper pipes.

Exposed pipes are known for developing pinhole leaks, which aren't always apparent until significant damage has been done. Any pipes may develop pinhole leaks due to changes in water ph. Corrosion can cause the piping to corrode and create small holes that allow liquid to leak from them. A pinhole leak occurs when corrosion has eaten away at the metals in your pipe for a long time.

Corrosion and wear on any pipes can cause them to bulge in areas, change color to black or greenish-brown, become soft over time, and have a musty and moldy odor. These are all apparent symptoms of decaying piping that need to be replaced as soon as possible.

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How to Detect Exposed Pipe Leak?

The surest method to discover if your water pipes have pinhole leaks is to conduct a visual inspection. Other indications that there's a leak somewhere in your plumbing system are:

Higher Water Bill

If your monthly water charge is more significant than usual, it indicates that there's a problem with your plumbing system, and it might be a leaky pipe.

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Water Metering

Check Your Water Meter

Ensure there is no water running in your house, then inspect your water meter. There is a leak in your plumbing technique somewhere if it's running.

Very Green Areas On Your Lawn

If you look at your lawn and see patches of lush grass, there may be a leaky pipe underneath it (or a problem with your sewage system if you have one on the premises).

Very Green Areas On Your Lawn
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Check Your Appliances

Check for water puddles around your water heater, washing machine, dishwasher, and refrigerator to ensure no leaks from these appliances.

Toilet Leaks

If there are any difficulties with your toilet, you should inspect it first. It would help to inspect your toilets for leaks at the tank or base.

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low water pressure

Low to No Water Pressure

It is a common problem that various issues might cause, but it's one of them.

Ceiling / Wall Damage

If you have defects on your ceiling or walls, wallpaper, or paint peeling in certain spots, this might signify a pipe leak. This might be the consequence of your pipes deteriorating and necessitating repair or replacement.

Mold or Water Stains On the Walls or Ceiling Signify Dampness
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Is It Common for Exposed Pipes to Leak?

Yes, exposed pipes frequently leak. Significantly if they have exceeded their projected lifespan. any pipes have a lifespan of 50 to 70 years. If you're lucky, your pipes will survive the entire length of their expected lifetime; however, wear and tear can damage them faster than anticipated. After 20 years, it's not unusual for pipes to need repair or replacement.

Repairing or Replacing?

You may be able to repair any damage to your exposed pipes by simply cutting out the faulty section and substituting it with a new pipe. However, this may not be a long-term solution, especially if your pipes are beyond their useful life.

When choosing a plumber, keep in mind that his fees are likely higher than those of your local locksmith. You'll also want to think about whether you'd prefer to have one less maintenance activity on your plate.

If you have any inquiries regarding copper pipes or are having difficulties with them, please contact or WhatsApp us My24Plumbing immediately. We are available twenty hours a day, seven days a week.

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Immediately we will start preparing the necessary plumbing materials and tools, hen start work and get the job done.


Cleaning and finish

Whether it's repairing a leaks water pipe or unblocking a blockage, when the work is completed, it is inevitable that the floor will be dirty due to the overflow of sewage,

Don't worry, our well-trained plumber will take care of cleaning up the grime for you, after that, that’s be considered job done.


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