Kitchen Sink

kitchen sink

A kitchen sink is an essential fixture in a kitchen. It is used for washing dishes, preparing food, and other tasks. If your kitchen sink starts to leak, it can cause a lot of damage to your kitchen and home. Will teach you how to install and fix a leaky kitchen sink. We will discuss the causes of kitchen sink leaks and how to repair them. We will also provide tips on preventing kitchen sink leaks from happening in the first place.

How to Fix a Leaky Kitchen Sink?

First, you should do if your kitchen sink is leaking is, turn off the water to the sink. It will prevent additional harm from occurring. Following that, you must find out where the leak is coming from. The most typical reason for kitchen sink leaks is a worn-out or damaged gasket. Gaskets keep the connection between the kitchen sink and the countertop sealed. These gaskets can wear down or break over time, resulting in leaks. If you cannot determine how to stop the leak, it's best to contact a professional for assistance.

When you've identified the source of the leak, you can begin to repair it. If the leak is coming from a worn-out gasket, you will need to replace it. You can do this by removing the old gasket and installing a new one. If the leak is coming from a damaged pipe, you will need to repair or replace the pipe. Once you have repaired the leak, you should turn on the water to the sink and test it to make sure the leak has been fixed.

If you're having trouble repairing a leaking kitchen sink or want to prevent them in the future, there are a few things you may try. To begin, keep your kitchen sink clean at all times. It will aid in the prevention of leaks by keeping build-up at bay. You should also inspect your kitchen sink regularly for any signs of wear and tear. If you see any damage, you should repair it immediately to prevent leaks. Finally, you can install a kitchen sink leak prevention device. Leaks can be prevented by using drain stoppers, which are devices that rest against a pipe and stop water from flowing out.

kitchen sink
kitchen sink

Kitchen Sink Replacement & Repair

Do you require a skilled plumber for kitchen sink repairs or replacements? Do you want low-cost and high-quality services for complete kitchen sink installation? You've landed in the exact place if you require honest and efficient solutions for domestic and commercial customers in Singapore. We have extensive expertise with numerous years of dealing with numerous cases, including the ability to repair any plumbing problem, big or little.

We often have a kitchen sink clogged and need the assistance of an expert plumber to resolve it. 

The following are some of the services offered by My24hrsPlumbing:

  • Repairing sink tap Singapore
  • Repairing leaking tap repair
  • Kitchen sink repair
  • Kitchen sink strainer replacement
  • Kitchen sink strainer washer replacement
  • Kitchen sink basket replacement
  • Replacing copper pipes under the sink
  • Replacing drain pipes under kitchen sink
  • Replacing kitchen sink drain
  • Replacing kitchen sink faucet
  • Kitchen sink cartridge replacement
  • Kitchen drain replacement
  • Sink bowl replacement
  • Kitchen tap handle replacement
  • Kitchen sink spray nozzle replacement
  • Replacing under sink valve
  • Kitchen sink trap replacement
  • Kitchen sink strainer waste plug replacement seal
  • Replace kitchen mixer tap
  • Kitchen sink valve replacement
  • Kitchen sink aerator replacement
  • Sink ring replacement
kitchen sink
kitchen sink

Replace Broken Sinks

Do you have a kitchen sink that is broken and beyond repair? Or would you instead replace it with a glassy sink with an easy-to-clean, gleaming finish and the most durable to staining and erosion? We use sinks reasonably often - in the toilet, kitchen, and back garden. It might fracture when we accidentally drop anything high-slanted or substantial on it, causing harm or claps inside the sink.

If the damage is severe enough to prevent repair, you'll have no choice but to replace the entire sink. It's not necessary to swap the entire sink very often. Only components may be replaced in order of occurrence to solve your problem. If water seeps outside the sink and causes significant damage, immediate kitchen sink replacement is essential to avoid additional destruction. When you're renovating your kitchen and want to update the look, it's a good idea to install a new kitchen sink.

My24hrsPlumbing delivers a wide range of services, including:

  • Drop-in kitchen sinks
  • Undermount kitchen sinks
  • Farmhouse kitchen sinks
  • Pedestal kitchen sinks
  • Double bowl kitchen sinks

Each type of sink has its own set of benefits and drawbacks that need to be considered before deciding. My24hrsPlumbing will help you select the perfect sink for your home or business based on your budget, needs, and preferences. We'll also install it for you so that you don't have to worry about anything!

kitchen sink
kitchen sink

Expert Sink Replacement or Installation

Whatever causes for replacing your sink, if you require expert sink installation, fitting your kitchen sink or your toilet sink, you can contact us, and we will be pleased to help. We can give you a free quotation. We can provide the sink, or you can select to get one yourself. Upon your authorization, our plumber will be sent out to your doorways at your favored time and day to get the replacement done.

Steps to how we work


Analize need and pricing.

Because each work environment and the severity of the plumbing problem are actually different,

Most of the water work requires on-site assessment to provide an accurate repair plan and cost...


Materials and realization.

Once the assessment is complete and the homeowner agrees with our plumber's proposal and offer,

Immediately we will start preparing the necessary plumbing materials and tools, hen start work and get the job done.


Cleaning and finish

Whether it's repairing a leaks water pipe or unblocking a blockage, when the work is completed, it is inevitable that the floor will be dirty due to the overflow of sewage,

Don't worry, our well-trained plumber will take care of cleaning up the grime for you, after that, that’s be considered job done.


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